Our Approach – Your benefit

Flexibility, speed, entrepreneurial commitment, coupled with the professionalism and extensive  international experience gathered within many top companies, deliver the customer a special benefit from cooperation with Trimetis inc..

Complex projects or situations require the use of experts who are particularly experienced and familiar with the tasks at hand.
These selected experts are available according to your needs. In addition to our own resources we are able to draw upon a large network of partners and individual consultants.

Western European companies often have the need for additional IT resources or simply the need for additional cost savings. We are able to cover both challenges very quickly and efficiently with our nearshore pool. Our resources live and work in the single economic space of the EU, are in the same time zone , speak the same language and have a similar culture, so they integrate seamlessly into the customer landscape. This has many advantages compared to an offshoring from India or similar countries far away. Trimetis inc. orchestrates your needs and provides individually tailored solutions for you.

Increasing globalization and digitization of all spheres of life opens up countless opportunities for innovative ICT-driven startups. Trimetis inc. supports young entrepreneurs in this area with investment capital, management expertise and (nearshore) development capabilities and supports them during implementation of their innovations.

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