Agile Testing:
Tailored solutions for DevOps teams, data and infrastructure

Companies are increasingly using agile teams to rapidly and effectively produce software with a high level of quality. This also necessitates a change in testing methods: The processes, applications, infrastructure and data have to be interconnected, kept in sync and largely automated.

Agile testing within a CI/CD workflow is especially difficult as it requires a reevaluation and a thorough comprehension of the connected technical and organizational challenges. At Trimetis GFB, we have a team of seasoned consultants and testing professionals who are familiar with the advanced technology. Our experts provide advice on establishing the correct testing strategy and aiding you in developing custom made infrastructures and data management tools. And, using our expansive national and international network, we can offer you flexible help with testing professionals both on-site and remotely. With us, testing can become a quality booster in your pipeline.


We understand DevOps as something more than merely a trend. We understand it as the melding of modern technology, techniques, and methodologies.

We take a personal interest in the tasks assigned to us and welcome the challenge of producing an optimal and unique result. To that end, we examine the requirements and create an overall concept based on technical possibilities, supplemented if requested by innovative in-house developments.

Our team can make testing a quality booster for your pipeline

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