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Consulting: Senior experts in the areas of General Management Consulting, Shared Services, Finance, IT Strategy, IT Transformation and Project Management

In today’s landscape, the role of the CIO entails a blend of business acumen and technological proficiency. On one hand, the board demands cost reduction and secure IT operations, while on the other hand, the convergence of technology and business processes with new and innovative technologies, such as mobile, cloud, and social media, presents new responsibilities for the IT department. All of this is happening in an environment of stagnant budgets, and a field that is increasingly proactive and dynamic.

At Trimetis, effective consultation is founded on the fusion of experience in general management consulting and technological assistance. Our senior experts bring a unique combination of technical proficiency, adept project management skills, and exceptional communication abilities across all business levels, enabling us to deliver rapid, valuable contributions to both IT and business fields.

Business- & IT Transformation

Trimetis IT transformation: flexible structures, reduced costs and better quality

Market dynamics, innovative technologies and increasing IT costs drive IT transformation

The pace of technological innovation is accelerating, and companies are facing mounting pressure to keep up with the latest advancements. From phasing out legacy systems and implementing integrated resource and management systems, to adopting cutting-edge platforms, technological change demands a high degree of adaptability.

For any enterprise seeking to thrive in today’s landscape, it is imperative to develop an IT strategy and architecture that supports business processes, integrates data seamlessly, ensures security, and prioritizes customer satisfaction (both internal and external). Technologies such as cloud, crowd, big data, mobile, and apps are all integral to achieving these goals.

Trimetis will design your optimal IT strategy and implement the transformation with you…

  • IT is better aligned with strategic company objectives to optimize IT investments
  • Improved responsiveness to market changes and more flexible structures for modern technologies
  • A joint view of IT and organization as well as providing new services for users
  • Improving the cost structure – use of sourcing options. Consolidating your IT landscape by standardizing the infrastructure, processes and applications creates financial freedom to subsequently strengthen the flexibility of modern technologies in business.
Why Trimetis?

Trimetis offers consulting support through a team of seasoned experts with extensive industry and consulting experience, providing us with both methodological and technological knowledge.

Nevertheless, personal practical experience plays a crucial role in IT transformation. Success is determined by addressing company-specific core issues and involving stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, and IT management in achieving change.

IT transformation can alter cost structures, freeing up staff and financial resources for new company priorities.

Shared Services​

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According to studies, up to 40% of medium and large companies still have very decentralised structures and heterogeneous processes, which create significant inefficiencies. At its core, similar and in principle standardised processes are carried out in very different ways and sometimes with different IT systems, making process costs significantly higher than those of comparably modern types of organisations. Medium and larger companies in particular can save costs considerably by using shared services while also improving process quality.

We have extensive experience in the development and operation of shared service centres. We are able to check your organisation for shared service readiness and jointly create with you a coordinated transformation plan and improve your process quality and costs step-by-step.

With several successful shared service projects we can demonstrate extensive practical experience and know the major factors that lead to success in such an initiative.

Sourcing Strategy​

Make or buy? Should we and more importantly can we provide the services to the required quality as a company ourselves or should we buy clearly defined services? If yes, what services? If we buy, from whom and how do we want to shape our IT supplier portfolio? Are we open to outsourcing or integration of nearshore services and how do we create the corresponding processes?

Answering these questions has a significant impact on the performance of IT organisations and on the profitability of the services provided.
Jointly with you, we check your current sourcing strategy and discuss with you possible potential ways to improve.

Project Management

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According to studies, about 80% of all IT projects that are critical to business as well as the schedule and the budget are exceeded. On the one hand this may be related to a lack of project planning or it could also be because of inadequate project management performance.

We carry out projects to success. We do not see our role as only handling traditional project management tasks such as progress monitoring, budget control, control tasks, risk and issue management, etc., but to act goal-oriented as well as solution-oriented. Successfully completing the project according to plan is worth it!

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