Webinar: Anonymized Test Data for DevOps and Microservices

Data protection is no longer the sole driver for test data management. Topics such as DevOps, Microservice and Kubernetes are driving the degree of automation ever higher, which has also led to a rethink of how test data is handled. Test data is now seen as an essential part, is a key to ever faster release cycles and shorter time-to-market and thus contributes to the success in a modern software development project.

In addition to synthetic test data, which plays an extremely important role in DevOps projects, anonymous test data and thus compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation should of course not be neglected. In our “Future-proof TDM” lecture series, the two Trimetis GFB test experts Christoph Knopp and Daniel Simon will be showing in a webinar at the 5th Net Week on Thursday, March 24, at 11 a.m. how they are converting their “Test data for DevOps and Microservices” concept have expanded the possibility of anonymization. #Net Week #Test Data Management #DevOps # Microservices

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