Flexible delivery models

Trimetis inc. provides the services in a flexible delivery model of permanent employees and freelancers. Consultants are coming from Germany, Switzerland and Austria as well as capacities from preferred nearshore countries like Poland, Slovakia and Romania.

This leads to an optimization of skills, availabilities and costs under the provision of highest quality standards. Customer-proximity and linguistic capabilities are secured by onsite consultants, whether these are own permanent staff, freelance consultants or resources from partner companies. Repetitive and scalable services that can be provided remotely are preferably supplied from the nearshore locations Poland, Slovakia and Romania, both through its own permanent staff consultants as well as by partner companies.

The group company adegna, which focuses on expert sourcing, has a large pool of external experts available, which can be accessed quickly and accurately. The combination of own consultants, which are dedicated to specific topics and the scalable capacity of the nearshore units secure a perfect mix of performance and cost attractiveness to our clients.

Own staff team

We employ own consultants currently at the sites in Vienna, Zurich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt- area and Lublin (PL) for the various topics we offer and grow our own team constantly. The focus is on experienced people, either with long standing consulting history or from the client sectors we are engaded for.

On each project we usually staff a senior person, commonly a partner of the group, who is used to bring in his competence and experience on a hands-on basis. This person manages the deployment of additional resources, whether they are from our own team onsite or from our external partners (via adegna) or from our nearshore pool (own staff or partner teams).

The Expert Sourcing market in Europe

Whenever a company does not have the appropriate resources available, adegna places the required experts or an entire team. adegna is the perfect partner if it comes to selective placements of individual resources as well as for the overall management of external resources for a company. With the availability of a proven international network of freelance specialists on the one hand and several small/medium-sized Consulting-/IT companies, adegna is able to search and place quickly, reliably and accurately.

The Nearshoring market in Europe

The nearshoring market shows continuous and long term projected growth in Europe, despite cooling of the general economic data in Western Europe.

According to recent studies, Germany has an IT resource bottleneck of around 48,000 people, with a comparable situation in Austria and Switzerland. The longterm demographic trends will only accelerate the shortage of resources. On the other hand, the preferred nearshore countries like Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, etc. provide a large number of very well-trained academics at the same time, which are not fully absorbed in their local labour market. Moreover, these countries show a significant economic disparity between the capital cities and the so-called 2nd and 3rd tier cities. This potential will support the Western European economy in reducing their lack of resources while increasing their international competitiveness by reducing costs at the same time.

The Trimetis group currently draws from a nearshore-capacity pool of about 1000 people from the different countries. All the relevant skills and technologies are available. Design, Build, Run as the essential life-cycle phases of an application are covered by our respective service offerings.

Models of collaboration

The Trimetis group offers services in different contracting models. It ranges from the classical staff purchasing based on T&M to the project “works&study” contract with a fixed price and ends up to partnership models including success fees. Based on the client situation, the best fit model will be customized and defined jointly with our client – implemented based on our values like entrepreneurial commitment, flexible approach and highest professional standard.

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