About us

The company Trimetis inc. has been founded in November 2012 by the three partners Peter Laggner, Wolfgang Weber and Ernst Antensteiner with the aim of a DACH-wide (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) consulting and IT activity, established as inc. in Vienna.

At the same time, a supervisory board with well-known personalities from Germany and Austria as well as an advisory board of experienced practitioners have been established.

As part of the business Trimetis inc. acquired the majority stake of adegna Ltd. in Stuttgart in 2013 and established the Trimetis Consulting in Hamburg. For both activities further partners (Matthias Patzer at adegna, Alexander Kotthaus and Marc Schomann at Trimetis Consulting) could be added to the team.

Beginning of 2014 Trimetis Testing was launched as a separate business activity. The further partners Andreas Günther and Frank Wagenbauer have joined the group and a new location in Lublin, Poland was established. In September 2014 the new modern office location for the Trimetis Nearshore Center was opened in Lublin under the participation of the major.

In the area of Incubation Services  a joint venture was established together with FINPOINT.de and Werner Neuwirth-Riedl in February 2014. This joint venture expands the business model of the FINPOINT-Platform to Austria and the surrounding CEE countries. In this context Werner Neuwirth-Riedl strengthened further the team as a partner.

In March 2014, the group established adegna Swiss in Zurich. The senior expert Jürg Isler joined the group as a partner and leads the adegna Swiss activities.

In January 2015 Achim Mortsiefer joins the group as head of sales and member of the leadership team.

In December 2016, the majority of GFB EDV Consulting and Services GmbH, a specialized IT service provider based in Frankfurt (Oberursel), was acquired. The former Trimetis partner Andreas Günther participates equally and takes over the role of the chairman in the management. The GFB, with its nearly 20-year history, now a market leader in test management, is acquiring a new strategic majority owner “Trimetis” and will consequently continue its growth ambitions in software testing with services and the licensed software tool Q-up.

In May 2017 Holger Martens joins the group as a further partner at the location Frankfurt. He takes over the business development for the group in Germany and at the same time gets engaged as a further managing director of GFB EDV Consulting und Services GmbH, where he focuses on the further expansion of the software product business „Q-up“.

As a consequence of the further attempts to scale up the business with the software product „Q-up“, several sales and implementation partnerships with large global system integrators have been developed throughout 2017.

In May 2018, the entire business segment Testing Services with all its components (GFB EDV Consulting und Services GmbH, Trimetis Software Testing GmbH, office location Frankfurt with all its consultants, software product „Q-up“) as well as the attached partners Andreas Günther, Holger Martens, Michael Völker und Moritz Schäfer have been sold to a global market leader in the area of Test Automation, the company Tricentis. 

As a consequence of this transaction, the software product „Q-up“ enjoys a global perspective from now on as it is offered through the globally leading testing tool “Tosca Testsuite”.

With the acquisition of GFB EDV Consulting and Services GmbH, a new group location is being created in the Frankfurt area.

In the course of the foundation of a new company „Trimetis Consulting & Services GmbH“ in April 2019, a new group location is created in the Frankfurt/Wiesbaden area.

Trimetis AG strengthens its Management Board with Mr. Ulfert Rotermund. Mr. Rotermund will take on the agenda of a Sales Board Member. At the same time he takes over the role of the Managing Director of our Trimetis Consulting & Services GmbH, Wiesbaden as well as the Managing Director of our Polish Delivery-Unit, where he will support the further expansion of our Softwarecenter in Lublin jointly with Mr. Wolfgang Weber.

Mr. Steffen Roehn is resigning from the Supervisory Board of Trimetis AG in April 2019 for professional reasons. Mr. Thomas Schirmer, renowned M&A Lawyer, will take over the role of a supervisory board member of Trimetis AG from May 2019 onwoards.

With the effect as of July 1st, 2019, GFB EDV Consulting und Services Gesellschaft mbH, based in the Frankfurt area (“GFB”), was acquired by Tricentis (“Tosca”). The software-product “Q-up”, now managed as “Tosca TDM”, remains with Tricentis as an integral part of the Tosca Suite, as well as the managing directors Wolfgang Platz, Holger Martens and Andreas Günther.

GFB was rebranded into “Trimetis GFB” as of January 1st, 2020 and integrated into the group as a competence centre for Testing Services. The focus is set around the topics Test Data Management, Test Consulting and -automation as well as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). 

adegna GmbH set up a branch office in the Cologne/Bonn area as of March 1st, 2020, which is managed and developed by Mr. Pavlos Batziakas, an experienced Resource Deployment Manager of the industry.

The group currently engages around 300 consultants in its projects.


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